Sheraine Peart

President of JANN

Sheraine Peart is the current and youngest president (to date) of the Jamaica Animation Nation Network (JANN). She is a dual degree holder having graduated with second and first-class honours respectively in the Fine and Digital Arts, specializing in Virtual Reality, Animation and Illustration. Sheraine had her first international sculpture exhibition, Carbonato di Calcio, in Tuscany, Italy as the first Jamaican to be accepted to the Digital Stone Project for which she also received the Edward Guiliano Fellowship and the Autodesk Student Scholarship. She has worked as an animator on the 2D animated short Agwe and more recently as the app designer for the Fimimoji app and through JANN, as a partner to the Animae Caribe Animation Festival. As a promoter of Jamaica’s culture, much of her work is inspired by Jamaican folklore and culture. She’s currently working on an animated short, Make Believe Miracles, inspired by Taino zemis (gods and spirits).