Raquel Benitez

Raquel Benitez

CEO, Comet Entertainment

Raquel Benitez is an accomplished creative, author and academic. She currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Comet Entertainment Inc and a member of the board of directors of Vitamin Cartoons Inc and DFI Inc. She is also a member of the Canadian Picture Pioneers, ASIFA and EGEDA, among others international audiovisual organizations. Her expertise lies in her ability to conceive, create and develop audiovisual properties. She has directed and received accolades for many animated films and shows as a creator, producer, executive producer and director. She has also written software programmes as well as books that are now considered to be the industry standard. Ms. Benitez holds a Bachelor’s degree from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Broadcast and Communications and a Master in Business Administration from Universidad de Barcelona.

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