Patrick Meikle

Illustrator, Animator & Character Designer

Patrick Meikle is a Jamaican-based illustrator, animator and character designer. His passion for creating art led him to earn his BFA in Animation at the University of the West Indies, Mona. His desire to aid within the Jamaican and Caribbean animation industry has guided him to opportunities allowing him to serve. Some of these have been founding the Digital Media and Animation Network (DMAN) club at UWI, serving as the previous Community Development Manager of The Jamaican Animation Nation Network as well as a delegate for Team Jamaica Animation at Kidscreen. He currently serves at the award-winning animation studio, ListenMi Caribbean Ltd.

Patrick also seeks to provide passion-driven content that benefits others and glorifies his God under his personal brand Heartoon Cartoon. An example of such content is his short film “Truly Valiant” which won 3rd Place in the Film Category of the Engage Art Contest 2019/2020.