Bradley Kravitz

Bradley Kravitz

Director of Sales, Toon Boom Animation

In his 18 years selling software solutions, he has discovered his job is more than just sales — it is fueling potential and driving productivity. In his current role as Director of Sales for the Americas at Toon Boom Animation, he is building the bridge between artists and audiences. The results? Just look at screens big and small anywhere.
Through Toon Boom, his passion for the products he sells has hit much closer to home. Having been a lifelong fan of animation, it is a daily pleasure to connect directly with the creativity and creators in studios, whether they have three or 300 seats.
Toon Boom has been empowering studios, students and standalone freelancers to tell their stories for over 20 years. Storyboard Pro is the industry standard for storyboarding and Harmony has become the most ubiquitous, powerful animation software around the world.
Our team uses innovation to fuel inspiration and imagination, and we are always improving our offerings through regular updates, new cutting-edge products, efficiency improvements, high-quality content, responsive support and much, much more.

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