Chevonnese Chevers Whyte

Chevonnese Chevers Whyte

Assistant Lecturer Coordinator BFA in Animation

Chevonnese Chevers Whyte has been a member of the creative industry for her entire life. She has expressed this creativity through drawing, graphic design, website design, videography, photography, marketing, and animation. It wasn’t until 2010 that she made the decision to assist the creative industry by starting to teach. There was a need to teach students about the industry, not only being competent in their craft. This decision has seen her through various institutions notably, the Vocational Training Development Institute (VTDI), iCreate Institute, and the University of the West Indies. Her aim is to bring fun, technology, and entrepreneurship within the classroom, all in an effort to cement the knowledge and skills necessary for learners to practice their various crafts. Chevonnese has also assisted with the crafting of the animation industry through the Jamaica Animation Nation Network (serving as the Marketing Executive) and the Caribbean Examination Council (formerly serving as the Assistant Chief Examiner for Animation and Game Design). She is a strong believer that animation educators should be working in the animation industry so that learners can also plug into their experience. Her own experiences stemming from working on the animated series Abeeku and the maroons. Her latest conquest is to become a certified educator while pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Training and later attaining a PhD in Education with a focus on animation. She is a mother, a wife, a business woman, educator, and a strong advocate for the animation industry and its growth.

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