Parchment’s Art – KingstOOn Opened Doors To South Korea For Young Illustrator

There are many learning opportunities available at the KingstOOn Animation Festival, scheduled for April 5-7. And as the weekend concludes with an awards ceremony for young animators and artists, there will be presentations and demonstrations from international studios – some of them seeking fresh talent.

Winning one of these awards can change your life. In 2016, Danielle Parchment attended the second staging of KingstOOn Animation Festival, and it was a decision that altered the course of her life forever. The following year, the young illustrator completed an internship programme with Funny Flux studio, based in South Korea. “I gained insight into the stages of animation and the importance of each stage to the other. It taught me the importance of teamwork, what appeals to children, and how to develop characters that are marketable worldwide,” Parchment told The Gleaner.

During her early years as a student, Parchment experienced some difficulty. “At the age of one, I experienced a major seizure. This seems to have affected my early development in academics. However, with perseverance, I have overcome,” she shared. One of the tools Parchment relied on to overcome was drawing. She said,”I cannot recall not drawing. This was my way of expressing myself, and I just had a natural love for the arts.”


Since completing her internship with Funny Flux, the 25-year-old is now focused on character development and children’s storybook illustration. “The development of the character is the first step to animation,” she said.

Despite her initial academic struggles, Parchment found the right avenue for her pursuits and passions among animators. “I believe that KingstOOn is an excellent opportunity for persons who want to excel in the art industry, especially in Jamaica where growth does not come easily. It helps with networking and just getting your work out there for others to see your talent and improve on your job opportunities.”

Her advice to other Jamaicans with interest in animation, illustration or designing is to: “practise, practise, practise”.