Jamaica’s Strategic Plan for Participating in the global animation industry – A Proposal

  • April 7, 2019
    1:30 pm - 2:25 pm


Venue Phone: 1 (876) 930-7620

The University of Technology Jamaica, 237 Old Hope Road , Kingston, Jamaica


Carlos Biern,
Business Development Consultant,
Office of The Prime Minister

Find out what’s going on in global animation industry and how the Jamaican animation community should adapt to the new creative and financial digital strategies. Get all the latest info on how it is affecting and influencing all aspects of the business of animation including trends, targets, production, financing, training and copyright issues. There is a number of interdependent actions in progress supported by the government relating to intellectual property rights, a regulatory framework for the industry, standards and certification for training programmes and incentive schemes for investors and animation studios/businesses. This keynote takes a look at a SWOT analyses that will set Jamaica up for growth in the animation industry over the next 5 years.


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