Wacom Draws Path to Developing Animation with KingstOOn 2016

The global industry leader in digital drawing and painting hardware, Wacom, has pledged its support to the animation industry in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

Digital drawing tablets are a tool of choice for the digital animator, emulating the ease and comfort of using a pencil, pen or brush on a piece of paper or other canvas. These tools not only make digital illustration, painting and animation easier, but also much faster, raising productivity and output levels significantly. However, not all drawing tablets are equal. The Wacom Cintiq line is not simply a drawing tablet. The Cintiq line takes things a little further a gives the artist the ultimate creative experience by presenting his work immediately before him on an in integrated display, transcending the utility of a tablet and becoming a brand new tool – a digital pen display.

This is why we are excited that Wacom is bringing its hardware to KingstOOn, and we are giving key pieces as prizes within all three of our competitions: the KingstOOn Emerging Animated Content Competition, KingstOOn Pitch Competition and the KingstOOn Film Festival. Win Cintiq pen displays from the small, yet powerful Cintiq Companion 2 256GB tablet, to the sleek and multifaceted Cintiq 13HD Touch and all the way up to the Cintiq 22HD Touch!

KingstOOn’s prizes are aimed at making a difference in the lives of those who commit themselves to the field of animation, as well as those related to the production of animated content.

For information about KingstOOn 2016 visit: www.kingstoonfest.com

For more information about Wacom visit: www.wacom.com

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