Saïdou & Yoane

Saïdou Bernabé and Yoane Pavadé

Saïdou & Yoane

February 23, 2016 10:09 am
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Saïdou Bernabé and Yoane Pavadé are the founders of Parallel 14, the first Caribbean school where you can academically study innovative fields such as 3D animation, visual effects and video games. They are from Martinique and back on the island after having spent fifteen years working abroad as 3D graphic designers for some of the largest international studios, involved in film projects known worldwide, such as Despicable Me, Batman the Dark knight, John Carter and The Hobbit.

Saïdou's Sessions:

March 13, 2016
Animation Education in Jamaica and the Region
Vera Moody Concert Hall
10AM - 11:30AM

Animation Education in Jamaica and the Region

March 1, 2016 10:44 pm
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Find out about how to tap into the many avenues for learning animation emerging within the Caribbean. From Jamaica to Martinique; from 2D to 3D and specialized visual effects – it is all available!


Engage with the panel via Twitter by posting a question using the #askToonie hashtag.


Target audience: anyone interested in animation


No prior knowledge required.


Eventbrite - KingstOOn 2016 Day 2

Animation's Sessions: