KingstOOn Finalists and Official Selections!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Below is the official announcement of the FINALISTS and OFFICIAL SELECTIONS for KingstOOn 2016 in no given order:

Finalists from the regional KingstOOn Emerging Animated Content Competition (KEACC)

…in the category of: Storyboard

  1. Lil Island Kidz: Long Live the Queen
  2. Burst Cacoon
  3. Romp
  4. The Tree of Life


…in the category of: Character Design

  1. Terrence “Terry” Howler
  2. Obadiah and the Jade Crystal
  3. Socks
  4. MaroonBlack
  5. Reggie
  6. Fred


…in the category of: Caribbean Short Film

  1. Tale of Shadows
  2. Dance of the Daring
  3. League of Maroons Motion Comic
  4. The Giving Tree
  5. A Link Between Pokèmon
  6. The Maroons


…in the category of: Concept

  1. Bim and Bam: The Adventure Series
  2. High Tide
  3. FiWi Kids
  4. Jamero


Official Selections from the KingstOOn International Animated Film Festival (KIAFF)

…in the category of: International Student Film

  1. Canned
  2. Desert Child
  3. Ruben Leaves
  4. Run
  5. H2Obby
  6. Captain Zid


…in the category of: International Short Film

  1. E.X.O. – The Legend of Wale Williams
  3. The Alingos
  4. Fruit
  5. We Can Be
  6. African Tales: The Hippopotamus and the Tortoise
  7. Mental
  8. Hagamos Temblar


…in the category of: International Feature Film

  1. Battledream Chronicle
  2. Tales of Africa
  3. The Secret Princess
  4. LokalFilmis


…please note – the category Special Effects was declared vacant!


From the regional KingstOOn Pitch Competition, we have:

  1. Team Lil Island Kidz
  2. Team Quantum Gear
  3. Team Tale of Shadows
  4. Team Bim and Bam: The Adventure Series
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