KingstOOn 2013

August 17, 2018 5:48 am Published by

KingstOOn 2013 was a two-day animation conference and festival held at the University of the West Indies on June 20-21, 2013. The event  brought together international and Jamaican industry leaders, universities, Jamaican businesses and Government officials, Jamaican animation professionals and amateurs, students, and young dreamers to animate Jamaican creativity!

On the first day, industry and university leaders discussed the development of the animation industry in Jamaica, while also offering young Jamaicans the chance to develop basic skills through a series of workshops. On the second day, the workshops continued, followed by a mini festival that showcased Jamaican and Caribbean talents.


The initiative saw an overwhelming response from Jamaican youth:

  • 135 entries for the animation competition;
  • final event attended by 973 registered participants;
  • KingstOOn Facebook page collected 4,300 followers over 5 weeks.

KingstOOn also achieved important results such as:

  1. i) the launch of the first animation training program in Jamaica in collaboration with UWI and ToonBoom;
  2. ii) the funding of scholarships to attend leading animation colleges in Jamaica, US and Canada;

iii) the partnerships between Jamaican animation studios and ToonBoom – leading provider of software for animation;

  1. iv) the decision of the Government of Jamaica to develop a national strategy on animation, identified as strategic sector for the economy;
  2. v) Jamaican animation studios have been receiving an increasing number of contracts from international companies.