Animation Conference

January 30, 2016 10:25 am Published by

The Caribbean’s largest conference on animation returns to Kingston’s shores on March 12 and 13, 2016. With three tracks (LEARN, EARN and DISPLAY); more than twenty-eight sessions; and speakers from around the world, the Animation Conference within KingstOOn 2016 is ready to elevate all who attend to another level. Focused on achieving KingstOOn’s wider objectives, the conference features four distinct types of sessions: Seminars; Panels; Workshops; and Master Classes.

SEMINARS are focused on delivering “on-the-edge” material and techniques from leading practitioners in the animation world. Come and enjoy being taken on a journey through the world behind the screen, where creativity and imagination reign. Our dynamic speakers will captivate and educate as you listen to and learn from their wealth of experience and expertise.

PANELS allow you to dive into the conversation and have highly engaging discussions with our rockstar team of presenters. Question and explore the animation industry – it’s structure, culture and future. Take advantage of the minds of people who lead and direct shows like The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers; who deliver industry-leading instruction at globally top-ranked institutions; and who make decisions about what shows to pick up and fund – because they could be the next big hit! When you join our panels, you join in on the conversation that makes the animation world turn.

WORKSHOPS are for those of us who like to get our hands in on the action! Bring your sketchpads, unfinished rigs, in-progress pitch bibles… the works! Let our experts see and feel your work and guide you on how to make individual pieces better. These sessions take you through the process of creation and refinement, ensuring that you leave not just new knowledge and appreciation, but a tangible expression of the work you have done.

MASTER CLASSES shift the perspective by mixing the best aspects of a seminar together with the dialogue and interactivity common in workshops. This blend creates a space where even the best of the best is able to freely and expressly discover new knowledge and analyze their professional status, while refining proven skills and progressing into their next evolution. Engage world-leaders in specific areas of expertise and catapult yourself beyond anyone’s expectations – come to the Animation Conference within KingstOOn 2016 and get everything you need to animate your creativity!

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