KingstOOn Animation Conference

January 25 – 27, 2019, University of Technology, Jamaica

Workshop on Constructive Animation Critiques: Building the skills without destroying the student.

Don Perro – Capilano University |Date to be announced|Registration opening soon

This presentation will introduce a method for reviewing student animation and design projects or studio employee work in a positive way that results in personal growth for the individual while not disturbing fragile young egos.  Don will apply his decades of experience teaching animation courses in high schools, colleges and universities and time spent as a studio director to show what to look for when critiquing: character and quadruped animation; dialogue; special effects; character design; posing; layout design and portfolios in general.

Workshop on How to Learn Anything in Animation: Standing on the shoulders of giants with action analysis.

Don Perro – Capilano University|Date to be announced|Registration opening soon

You can learn character design, posing, animation timing, animation principles, staging, storyboarding, composition, anatomy, lighting, camera…pretty much anything without paying for a single workshop or “how to” book. All it takes is time, very basic drawing skills and commitment. Don will take you through the process of action analysis as a way to improve your skills by learning from the masters. Whether it’s for your own development or as a classroom activity, this process produces results.

Workshop on 3D Character animation from reference to delivery.

Adam Sale – Capilano University|Date to be announced|Registration opening soon

This informative workshop will seek to demystify the steps and planning that go into delivering a finished animation shot within the context of 3D applications. The workshop will begin by evaluating the needs for the shot, determining how and where the character should be integrated into the shot, with appropriate settings such as FK, IK, and any additional rigging or technical aspects that need addressing at this initial stage. Following this, a reference plate will be provided containing a subject working through the particulars of the shot requirements. This reference is extremely useful at the action analysis and dopesheet stage, helping artists to breakdown the footage and identify key extreme poses which will be used to plan out the initial timing and blocking of the piece. Iteration will be a key component of this workshop, impressing on artists the need for constant reflection, feedback and ultimate sign off before moving to the next stage of animation. Upon approval of the initial layout and blocking, the focus will turn to Breakdown poses, or transition poses, helping to add flavor and interest to the shot. Finally, once completed, the shot will move into cleanup and in-betweening for a final polish. The principles of animation will be continually referenced throughout the workshop, integrating them in all stages of the process. Artists will learn tips and tricks to aid them in working through the complexities of 3D character animation, including the installation of key helper scripts which are indispensable to the animator. The workshop will conclude with a brief overview of the rendering process for final delivery.

Key Note Presentation on “The Hero’s Journey” – Creating culturally specific content with global appeal

Jeff Brustrom – Walt Disney Studio|Date to be announced|Registration opening soon

An in depth case study of storytelling techniques used in Disney blockbuster hits such as “Coco” and “Moana” and strategies on creating culturally specific stories for global audiences.

Master Class in Licensing and Distribution

Carlos Biern – BRB International|Date to be announced|Registration opening soon

This session will be focused on walking participants through the details of delivering content to the local, regional and international marketplaces. It is aimed at people who want to become licensing agents; producers who want to disseminate their libraries of works; and project managers and consultants who are interested in learning about the entirety of the value chain.

Key Note Presentation on Success, diversity and being a black woman in animation.

Sonya Carey,  The Animation Lounge|Date to be announced|Registration opening soon

This is something Sonia lives every day.  “My days are filled with ups and downs, acceptance and rejection.  Its what has made me strong, and determined.  Sometimes I look around my boardroom, during meetings and wonder how I got here” she explains.   In this presentation Sonya Carey will share her inspiring story, with young hopefuls and seasoned executives.

Workshop on Creating a animated film in one day.

Sonya Carey, The Animation Lounge|Date to be announced|Registration opening soon

It’s a very fun day for creating an animated film, including scene planning vs layout, drawing characters, rigging,  animating, participles, composition and all that good stuff. Is it possible? Learn the basics by signing up for this workshop.