Kingstoon 3

June 28, 2018 1:41 pm Published by
Industry Experts and Animation Rock Stars from across the globe will be at KingstOOn to share their wisdom and expertise with you. Conference sessions will be delivered in four (4) distinct formats. These sessions are aimed at advancing your knowledge and experience to the next level.

EXPERT PANELS AND KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS to understand opportunities and challenges in the global industry and how Jamaica should position itself to take advantage of the current situation.


ANIMATION WORKSHOPS  to allow participating youths to interact directly with professional animators. Workshops will delve into the technical aspects of animation, with case studies, demonstrations of 2D and 3D software possibilities, as well as career development prospects with participating national and overseas colleges specializing in the trade.


KINGSTOON AFRO-DESCENDANT FILM FESTIVAL will showcase International Afro-descendant Content at a popular location prior to the event.


KINGSTOON ANIMATION COMPETITION to showcase Jamaican and Caribbean talent currently working in the animation industry but also in related fields to allow participation of a broader pool of youths talented in the visual arts.