About KingstOOn

December 3, 2015 12:23 pm Published by

KingstOOn 2016 is 2-day Animation Conference, Marketplace and Film Festival presented by Jamaica’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, in partnership with the World Bank and the Caribbean Development Bank.   The goal of KingstOOn is to catalyze the growth of the animation industry in Jamaica, and to attract the attention of international clients for animation services that can be provided by talented Jamaicans.

KingstOOn 2016 continues the work started in 2013 to establish KingstOOn as the premier Jamaican animation industry event. This year’s staging builds on earlier successes that will lead to KingstOOn being recognized as the quintessential display of Caribbean animation and  showcase of Afrodescendant culture and storytelling through animated media.


The objectives of KingstOOn 2016 are:

  1. To provide participants, and in particular Caribbean animators and associated professionals, with the avenues to begin to LEARN the nuances of the global animation pipeline, by engaging directly global industry leaders in various aspects of the business of animation, including education;
  2. To create opportunities for participants to EARN from their engagement in animation at any level, by facilitating the creation of pitch decks and pairing pre-qualified individuals with potential content buyers within varying contexts;
  3. To DISPLAY Afrodescendant animated content in the first International Afrodescendant Animation Film Festival, by showcasing content developed by studios from around the world that speak to the afrodescendant reality (stories, images, music, customs…).

KingstOOn 2016 will:

  1. Showcase Jamaica as a bedrock for Afrodescendant stories, academic exploration and ultimately animation production;
  2. Demonstrate the diverse opportunities and aspects of the animation industry
  3. Create a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between emerging animation enthusiasts with established industry professionals, via panel discussions, seminars and networking events;
  4. Bring together players from all stages of the animation pipeline – producers, buyers and consumers of content – and provide the arena for bueinssfacilitate networking a via speed meetings and networking events;
  5. Catalyze the exchange of ideas and community of practice within Afrodescendant animators, via the first international Afrodescendant Animation Film Festival


The KingstOOn Programme

KingstOOn 2016 is chocked full of content and opportunities. The programme includes: Expert Animation Panels offering understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the global industry and how can Jamaica position itself to take advantage of the current situation; and Animation Workshops to enable participating youths to interact directly with professional animators. Workshops will delve into the technical aspects of animation, using case studies and demonstrations of 2D and 3D software possibilities. Educational institutions from Jamaica and across the region will present information about the range of options for training and career development offered at their schools.

The KingstOOn Emerging Animated Content Competition (KEACC) will be a showcase of Jamaican and Caribbean talent currently working in the animation industry and related fields. Participants will completed in five categories:

  1. Best Storyboard;
  2. Best Character Design;
  3. Best Caribbean Short Film;
  4. Best Concept.

The KingstOOn Pitch Competition will put the four (4) best teams from the KEACC in front of executives from major studios around the world to pitch their ideas and receive feedback live.

The KingstOOn International Film Festival (KIFF) will showcase International Afrodescendant animated content. The animation film festival will comprise five categories:

  1. Best Special Effects;
  2. Best Student Film;
  3. Best International Short Film;
  4. Best International Feature Film;
  5. People’s Choice.