KingstOOn is an International Animation Conference, Marketplace and Film Festival presented by Jamaica’s Office Of The Prime Minister, in partnership with the World Bank.  The event will be held during the period January 18 – 27, 2019 in Kingston, Jamaica. The event is aimed at catalyzing the growth of the animation industry in Jamaica, and to attract the attention of international clients for animation services that can be provided by talented Jamaicans.

KingstOOn 3 will extend its brand from the home of premiere Jamaican animation to the quintessential display of Afro-descendant culture and story telling through animated media. The Festival aims to become the place where Afro-descendant and Caribbean content from around the world is displayed, showcasing original content and stories to international distributors, produces and buyers.


The objectives of KingstOOn 3 are three-fold:

  1. To provide participants, and in particular Caribbean animators and associated professionals, with the avenues to begin to LEARN the nuances of the global animation pipeline, by engaging directly global industry leaders in various aspects of the business of animation;
  2. To create opportunities for participants to EARN from their engagement in animation at any level, by facilitating the creation of pitch decks and pairing content sellers with content buyers;
  3. To DISPLAY animated content in the International  Animation Film Festival, by showcasing content developed by studios from around the world.


KingstOOn (January 25 – 27, 2019)  includes line-up of expert panel discussions offering an understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the global industry and how can Jamaica position itself to take advantage of the current situation; workshops to enable participating youths to interact directly with professional animators, allowing participants to delve into the technical aspects of animation, using case studies and demonstrating of 2D and 3D software possibilities. Educational institutions from Jamaica and across the region will present the range of options for training and career development offered at their institutions.


The KingstOOn Emerging Animated Content Competition (KEACC)













The KingstOOn Emerging Animation Content Competition is focused on giving visibility to new talent from the Caribbean. Click here to submit an entry. This competition is open to Caribbean nationals only and has the following four (4) categories:


This Best Storyboard award will give recognition to the ability to interpret a written piece in visual exciting ways that direct the production of the animated content, while conforming to industry standards and best practices. 


The Best Character Design award is focused on capturing the essence of a fictional character within a fictional world. How would the character look and feel?  How appealing is this character globally? This category focuses on how well the artist interprets the character based on the character written profile.


Stories are told in a myriad of ways. The Caribbean Short Film Category explores the skill with which the creator(s) are able to draw the audiences into their worlds, create connections with their characters and ultimately transform their story into a compelling experience. 


The Concept category is for productions that are in the early developmental stages, but hold the potential to be great stories that are in line with current trends in the market and are globally appealing. 

The KingstOOn International Animated Film Competition (KIAFC)












The KingstOOn International Animated Film Competition is a celebration of culture, music, folklore magic and experiences from all over the world.  Click here to submit an entry. The categories are as follows:


The award will give early bloomers with extraordinary talent enrolled in an academic institution an opportunity to shine among the professionals.  Do not take this category lightly, as the international standards are high.


This award will given to creators who demonstrate outstanding skills in creating effects that accompany animated films through particle simulations and other methods, such as fluids, clouds, fire, smoke, wind, lightening and other mind blowing visual effects. 


The International Short Film Category explores the skill with which the creator(s) are able to draw the audiences into their worlds, create connections with their characters and ultimately transform their story into a compelling experience. 


If you have what it takes to create a full length animated feature film then this category is for you! Finalists will have an opportunity to showcase and talk about their film in front of live audiences in the KingstOOn International Film Festival, and have an opportunity to negotiate deals with potential content buyers in the speed pitching meetings. This competition is open to local and international participants. Click here to enter the competition.

The KingstOOn Pitch Competition

Jeunanne Alkins and her team pitches “Bim & Bam”

The Pitch Competition is for animated productions at the conceptual stage. Enter this competition to access the opportunity to refine your pitching skills and concept under the guidance of world class experts in the Pitch Development Boot Camp. Then, pitch your idea in front of an audience in the Pitch Competition where you will be assessed by international judges. Winners of this category will have an opportunity get seed funding to further develop their pitch and attend an international trade show to pitch to potential investors.To compete, enter the KingstOOn Emerging Animated Content Competition (KEACC) Concept category. Click here to submit an entry.


KingstOOn Sum Up

KingstOOn Volunteers and Joel Kuwahara

Volunteer at KingstOOn 3

Volunteering at KingstOOn has great perks. You could gain unparalleled experience and networking opportunities by being a conference volunteer. Not only will you receive free Kingstoon shirts, listen in on informative workshops and attend the all-inclusive cocktail parties, but you will get the opportunity to meet a sea of successful people who may probably end up being lifelong friends and even push start your career. You can establish new relationships with the organizers, government officials and animation faculty and programme directors, which you would not have ordinarily met with.  They will get to know you and your work ethic, which could be the the key to start off your career.  If you would like to be a volunteer, please follow the instructions below.

Send an email to

Ensure the subject line reads: “KingstOOn 3Volunteer”

In the body of the email please state your full name, telephone number, age and why you are interested being a KingstOOn Volunteer.